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McAllister_picHello, bonjour, zdravo, bok! I am an assistant professor of political science at Kenyon College. In June 2014, I received my Ph.D. in political science from Northwestern University. I have taught courses in international relations at Wellesley College and Northwestern.

My current research focuses on whether, how, and when international criminal tribunals impact violence against civilians and peace prospects. Thus far, I have primarily focused on the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia's intervention in conflicts associated with the break-up of Yugoslavia. My research on the ICTY's impact is based on extensive archival and interview data collected in The Netherlands and throughout Southeast Europe (in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, and Macedonia). The National Science Foundation, the American Association of University Women, the American Council of Learned Societies, and the Dispute Resolution Research Center at the J.L. Kellogg School of Management have all supported my research.

Besides my dissertation research, I worked on a collaborative research project with Karen Alter and Laurence Helfer on the Economic Community of West African States' Court of Justice, which took me to Abuja, Nigeria. The team's article, "A New Human Rights Court for West Africa" (2013), appears in The American Journal of International Law (vol. 107). I have also published short stories in Leptir Mašna, The Literary Journal of Students in Balkan Studies.

I grew up in Boulder, Colorado. I have a master's in political science from Northwestern University. I also hold a bachelor's degree in political science and French (Phi Beta Kappa and Cum Laude) from Wellesley College. In my free time, I enjoy running, hiking, skiing, cooking, learning new languages, and planning my next big trip.

Through the links above, you can learn more. If you would like additional information, please contact me at: mcallisterj@kenyon.edu.